Microphone November 17

40 Seconds of The Spoken Word

Walked in. A triumph to be honest. I can walk to anywhere. I can cycle, take the metro, a bus – I’m an expert at getting there. Getting ready to go there. Walking in though – not my forté. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten myself somewhere only to walk past five […]

Elsa August 28

Frozen’s “Let It Go” gets a bit Lost in Translation

Yesterday, I made a discovery. On the rather brilliant FluentU website – one of my favourite learning resources to date – I came across the French version of the ubiquitous anthem, Let It Go, from Frozen. Complete with French subtitles and English translations, step-by-step rewind and an easy-fix pause (just move your mouse off the […]

magic August 26

Tourists: Back Away from the Baseball Cap

You hear a lot of horror stories. The world over, tourists are top of the league when it comes to winning the Mugged Championships. Gold Medal to the tourists, and silver to those who just didn’t have their wits about them and happened to be unlucky. To the Silver Medalists I say – we’ve all […]

Comptoir Générale-11 August 21

Freelance Favourites #1: Le Comptoir Général

Working at home, it’s surprisingly easy to realise in a rare moment of clarity that I haven’t left the flat for three days. Having substituted “conversation” for “somewhat hysterically announcing Buzzfeed gif-subtitles to an empty room,” it’s time to get out. Time to re-join the real world. Time to find out if it’s even still […]

tumblr_n7kw36jSXY1swxadzo6_500 August 25

6 Tips for Actually Working when you’re “working” from home

Ever tried working from home? Ever freelanced? Ever struggled with slothful inner demons? You’re in good company. For many, working at home is The Dream. For those who do it, it can be a daily fight to the death. Here are my top tips for tracking down that holy grail of freelancing – Actually Achieving […]

Parisians-1 August 20

Book Review. Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris

Typically, I was in London when it struck me I really should know more about the history of Paris. Fifteen minutes later I was sitting in Pain Quotidien with a brand new book and a bowl of coffee.

La Rotonde-5 August 15

Coffee on the Way Home #3

When I emerged from the Channel Tunnel last week after ten days back in the mighty North, I was surfing a wave of pro-activity back to Paris. Oh yes. Exhibitions would finally be seen, blue-faced projects resuscitated, a frightening number of lists made, all that jazz. Then, with admirable comic timing, my French sim card […]

Ten Belles-3 July 21

10 Belles: Coffee on the Way Home #2

Just off the Canal Saint Martin which – for future reference – may be one of the only places in the city where a breeze can still be found, 10 Belles is a diminutive little hideaway for the beard-sporting, t-shirt wearing, friendly-looking folk of the 10th.

©StephO'Dea July 20

The Sunday Slideshow: Bercy & the BNF

On an impromptu expedition to Le Petit Bain (a great boat bar in Bercy with lots of live gigs), my Yorkshire Friend and I were embroiled in a mission to find a Velib station with room for two. Our honourable quest soon landed us in that mystical realm of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (the BNF). Once […]

Photo Credit: Society for Community Organization/Publicis Hong Kong July 08

Eight Things You Only Know if You Live in Paris

1) There is no way on God’s green earth Amelie could afford THIS Montmartre apartment on a part-time job at the Deux Moulins.  Let me get this straight Amélie: so your bed’s NOT in your kitchen? What do you mean you can’t shower while simultaneously making a cup of tea? Why is your fridge the size […]

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